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We are dedicated to bringing
authentic Fiji products to you from
the hands of the Fijians who made
Ni Sa Bula!

It seems that the pieces we bring back with us from the beautiful islands
of Fiji, to share with you on this side of the planet, are spoken for by loyal
followers before we even get a chance to show them here on our
website.  We think it's time to start loading up containers for shipping
from Fiji! On each of our travels, we try to bring you the best of Fiji in our
favorite (and yours) items from the many villages, craft markets and
shops that we visit along the way.  Last time we arrived following ten
weeks of non-stop heavy rainfall, leaving much devastation and the
"disappearance" of some villages.  There was a lot of clean-up activity to
do.  But the Fijian people, being as strong and resilient as they are,
villages, as well as lives, have been rebuilt since.  Hopefully on our next
journey Mother Nature will be kind to us and we can finally get up into
the highlands and see what some of the more remote villages have to

There has been an increased interest in the Totokia War Club (especially
from you Star Wars enthusiasts/collectors) and we were able to find some
of these on our last trip (see the "wood" section in our market).  Every
effort will be made to fulfill the many requests for this beautiful piece of
Fijian craftwork.  We also have some new woven baskets and bags in
addition to tapa cloth wall hangings.  Everybody loves turtles, so take a
look at our turtle collection in the market's wood department.

In the meantime we have  produced another batch of our beautiful new
casual long-sleeved and short-sleeved t-shirts in the form of the "Fiji Red
Mud" shirt featuring our unique Tabua logo!  We had lots of fun planning
and making these shirts and hope you will like them.
Click on this next ink below to go to our Fiji Red Mud Shirt section:

Ni Sa Moce,
Mike and Lesley.

Be sure to visit our Artists' Photo Gallery page where we have
photos, with names and descriptions where possible, of the
people who make our crafts.

Check out our
Sights of Fiji page featuring photos of our most
recent favorite Fiji sights.  New photos will be added here as time
goes on, so be sure to check in frequently for the sights of our
Fiji adventures.

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